Hospitality Training

Hospitality Training

As you’ll have gathered by now, The Hospitality Company has two core strings to its bow – providing high-quality hospitality staff for events, and training the next generation of hospitality professionals.

Whether you’re a business wanting to upskill new and existing staff, or are someone already working in the industry that wants to improve their skills, our courses have been designed for you.

Read on to find out how our hospitality training can improve the services you offer.

Hospitality Training for Industry

If you’re a hotel, restaurant or bar and are looking at ways to invest in your team, hospitality training is a fantastic way to improve your customers’ experience.

Our hospitality training courses are designed to support your team with everything they need to be an asset to your company. Covering a broad range of topics, our hospitality training courses combine essential skills, like presentation, with the finer touches, such as customer interaction. Because of this, our courses are suitable for anyone, regardless of their backgrounds. Staff with years of experience who are set in their ways will get just as much out of our hospitality training as those who are new to the industry and still learning the ropes.

Learn more about the types of hospitality training we can offer your business here.

Upskill With Hospitality Training

Already working in hospitality but have areas you’re not comfortable in? The majority of people who work in hospitality have learned on the job, picking up new skills as they go – that’s what makes it such a fantastic industry to get into. However, there is a downside… learning as you go is bound to leave you with a few blind spots. If you’ve only ever worked in one facet of hospitality, you’ll have plenty of transferable skills, but not necessarily the ones that you need to move into another setting.

If you want to move from a restaurant into event hospitality, or from waiting to bartending, there are a whole new set of skills that potential employers will be looking for. The good news is, hospitality training courses can bring you up to speed, so you can get your foot in the door.

Not only will hospitality training sharpen your knowledge of your existing skillset, but it will diversify what you can offer employers, making you more employable and putting you a step ahead of other applicants.

Types Of Hospitality Training – Bartending

In the same way that pouring water over instant coffee just doesn’t compare to a barista-prepared latte, it takes skill and knowledge to become a great bartender. Perhaps you work in a bar already, but can’t make a cocktail to save yourself, or maybe you’re a bar owner looking to target a wider range of customers – whatever your situation, our hospitality training can help.

With two comprehensive courses that cover everything from the tools of the trade, to creating your own signature cocktail. The Hospitality Company are here to ensure all martinis are shaken, not stirred.

Types Of Hospitality Training – Waiting

The biggest challenge of moving from one waiting position to another (and in finding good wait staff) is meeting (and setting) expectations. You could work as a waitress for years for one employer without ever having learned the most basic skills expected by another employer. This is why formal hospitality training, particularly for those working in dining, is so valuable.

Our Hospitality For Beginners course covers the core skills that anyone wanting to work in a variety of hospitality settings will need to succeed. From the correct way to offer canapes to setting a formal dinner table, the topics covered transform “wait staff” into “hospitality staff”.